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Erica Mari started her journey in art over 20 years ago. born in 1979 Erica Mari remembers growing up as a child sitting in her fathers art studio, while she watched him create his craftsmanship of wood burnings. " I remember helping sell his first wood burning of a boat in the Boston Tea Party. I remember the proud feeling on his face. that was the beginning of a long life of art for Erica Mari. Facinated with  this process I started my journey drawing upside down entering small little contest in grade school it wasn't later on in life that abstract began developing in me. one day I woke up and found myself healing through a life I imagined in a painting our greatest disapointments and pain are greatest gifts.




Erica Mari painted her first abstract in 2003  as a child all my work was realistic and in abut 6th grade I started drawing upside down and relising my brain was a little backwards 



Her inspirations as a child  father Michael Walter domoretsky and a brother Michael stone who in life inspired Erica through his musical talents at a young age.

Erica Mari has sold  her art work all over the world. She began her international selling in 20013 living in Burmingham U.K Traveling all the way to France and Italy. traveling to the U.K.  in 2013 was one of her most fun experiences of my life creating and selling my art Erica Mari has worked with stores displaying her pieces in their windows. Erica Mari has done gallery showings in some of the most exclusive areas. she says that her pieces are part of her story she heals through her art growing up with a bie poller manic depressive father and seeing his journey to insane while being so brilent and talented she feels inspired everyday to be here and share her story. she is hoping through her art she will help people see the reality in abstract healing through her vision

When I look at your artwork

I remember falling asleep on your art table

just a little girl. I remember the master pieces

the high of your happiness

I remember the depression the bone of my back

I remember the love and light in your high

I remember I never wanted to be like you I remember I wanted to be like you.